Post-it Company is the creative company

October 19, 2008 at 5:42 am (Uncategorized)

I think the most creative company is Post-it Company.


Because its company dicovered the formula for the sticky stuff in 1968. The founder of this stuff is Dr. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist.

After years of product development, 3M introduced the concept of Post-it Notes in four major markets in 1977. But, without actual samples in hand to try, consumers didn’t catch on. A year later, 3M blanketed the Boise, Idaho, market with samples upon samples of Post-it Notes. After trying the notes, more than 90 percent of users said they’d buy the product themselves. The test was a success! By 1980, Post-it Notes were being sold nationally. Today, they’re used and enjoyed throughout the world.

They’re little and they stick but not too hard. That’s why everyone loves Post-it Notes!

There are 9 products, which are:

1. Notes.

Post-it Products have been making the art of communication easier and a lot of fun for over 20 years and come in many colors, sizes, themes and shapes.

2. Flag.

Organize and emphasize information quickly and easily with Post-it Flags. Use it to draw attention to critical items, for indexing and filing, or for color coding. Learn more about the different types of Post-it Flags below, there’s a useful tip on every page!

Flag Highlighters and Pens

Durable Tabs

Standard and Small Flags

Arrow Flags

Labeling and Cover-up Tape

Printed Message Flags

Page Markers

Portable Flags and Notes

3. Dispenser. Organize your desktop in a style that’s right for you.


And many more.

If you want to see their product, you can visit their website which is


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